Sweatshop simulation game

In our last ict lesson our class played a simulation game called Sim sweatshop. Its about making at least three pairs of shoes in a certain amount of time. But you need to be careful about your energy bar in the top-right hand corner, if your energy bar gets low you will need to buy food or drink. You can do this by clicking the energy bar or by buying somthing when the warning comes up. Food costs about $1.49 and drinks cost $29 cents. to play the game go to http://sormid67.edublogs.org or go to http://www.sweatshop.com/game/.

One thought on “Sweatshop simulation game

  1. Nicholas,
    Fancy living like that for real and not earning enough money to keep your family fed and clothed. Should make us appreciate the amount of effort needed to make a pair of shoes like that.

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