World cup

The world cup is here and has almost ended. In my class my teacher organised a world cup tipping compitition, so far my teacher is winning and I’m tied third with someone else. I think its annoying that australia is out of the world cup with a bad result. with Germany, Spain, Uruguay and the Netherlands in the semi-finals, I think Germany will win the world cup. Who do you think will win, please include this in a comment, I think it will be interesting to see how many people will be right.


Hi people, sorry about not writing anything for a while. Over the school holidays I have been organising things for the school I’m going to. Yes, I’ve changed schools, I now go to a school that is ten minutes drive from Hobart and half an hours walk. so far I’ve managed to settle in quite well. Some of the differences from my old school is that almost every day I have homework for at least one subject and the work is a lot harder.


A pretty draughty shelter!


 A few weeks ago the 6/7 classes from my school went to a school camp at woodfield lodge. we stayed for three days and two nights, the girls and a few boys got to stay in cabins while the rest of the boys stayed in wagons. We did activities like: archery, billy carts, trampolines, a waterfall walking track, Cooked marshmallows over a fire, orienteering, flags, spotlight, shelter building and a flying fox. I liked going on the flying fox, cooking marshmallows and the game of flags. What I didn’t like was the food, the wombat that tore a hole in my bag of sultanas and ate a few of them and having to stay in the wagon for a certain amount of time. I think last years camp was better. 

Blogging challenge: why you should visit my blog

People from all over the world should visit my blog because I think I can make my posts detailed and interesting. The main thing I will write about is my life, shool work(like projects and things like that) and other stuff. The main thing I’m trying to improve is adding more media items into my posts. It would make more people visit my blog and it would look more interesting.

World toilet Day

The day before yesterday it was world toilet day, world toilet day is a day to help the 2.5 million of the world without toilets, that’s 40% of the worlds population. These are mostly people that live in parts of Africa. These people have to squat down in an open space to go to the toilet, for girls and women they can only go to the toilet at night where no one can see them. to see more go to .

What I am doing

As I mentioned earlier I am doing a history project on the stone age. The group has decided that I am presenting art, music and tools. I’m going to prestent the tools as a poster so I can have lots of different types of tools on the one page. I’m going to present the art as a PowerPoint to show different types of stone age art that different cave-men drew. I’m going to present the music as a word document to read out to the class.

Stone age

In our class we are doing a history project on the ancient civilisations.(Like ancient egypt and other civilisations.) The task is to put a 15-20 minute presentation together on the group subject. There are five subjects: stone age, ancient Rome, ancient greece, ancient egypt and the early towns. I’m doing a presestation on the stone age. Before anyone started all of the groups had to do a mind map using .

Robyn Moore

On Thursday a woman named Robyn Moore came to our school to talk about C.R.A.P. Crap stands for cynicism, resignation, anger and procrastination. When talking to primary kids about crap Robyn calls it wham. Robyn Moore is the person who does the voice of blinky bill, Nutsy and lots of other voices. Robyn is also a volunteer for the make a wish foundation, one of her saddest stories was a boy who wanted a quad bike and just when they were going to give it to him a fishing accident happend and ended up killing his brother, father and grand-father, so they had to wait for his wish.

Athletics carnival

A few weeks ago our school had our high school athletics carnival. Like the swimming carnival the athletics carnival is a compitition between the three houses(bridges, davis and hart.)Some of the events were discus, shot put, sprints, long distances, long jump, triple jump,high jump and javlin. I went in everything except the high jump because I accidently went with the grade sevens.(Out of all the events I could miss.) I came third in the 100m and the 200m and I got into the finals in both. Last time we heard the scores bridges were winning, davis were coming second and hart were losing.(NOOOOOOOO!)

My goals for term 3

In a computer lesson my teacher asked us to write three goals for term 3. There had to be one goal relating to school work, one goal about our behaviour and one goal about somthing at home.

My goal for school is to have all my school equipment together for.

My home goal is to cook dinner without burning it.

My goal for behaviour is to help my brothers co-operate better with my mum.